The Carpathian Tram

a tour to remember for life !

Have you ever seen the beauty that took your breath away?

No, this is not your story? Hold on… we’ve got something interesting and special just for you.

While millions of tourists get through the Carpathian paths on foot with the silent prayers for a stop, you can get acquainted and enjoy the beauty of this region having rest. Just imagine riding in a cozy coach immersed in your thoughts enjoying your tea or coffee and those majestic Carpathian Mountains are right beside you. You don’t have to look for any effort to climb the mountains; you don’t need to think of the caprices of the weather. Just sit and enjoy!

The route is made so that in four hours you see the most magnificent places. We start from Vyhoda Village at 11 a.m. You will see the well-known Tserkovyshche Mountain and Shyrkovets – a bog and reserve. The Tram will go to Dubovyi Kut Stop to make some maneuvers and take you to the Mizunka Waterfalls Cascade so beautiful that even eternity will not be enough to enjoy them.

Would it be of interest to see the place of rehabilitation for the astronauts?

Then welcome to the Sanatorium “Dzherelo Karpat”.

There are plenty of interesting places left!

If you like long walks, you can combine your tram travel with multiple-day trekking. The route options are huge. To learn more :

Why is this place worthy of visiting?

Because this trip will be a nice substitution for a week stay in the Carpathians and the impressions will be enough for life! The unique narrow-gauge railway was created as far back as 1898 and is the environmentally safe type of transport! The program “Carpathian Tram” was launched in 2003 to make it more popular, for more details.:

Even the landscapes of Switzerland cannot be compared to the beauty you are going to see. So, it’s up to you!

Hope to see you soon!