The Tram will take you along the banks of the pollution-free Mizunka River. You will see some fabulous places where the powerful mountains hang out over the tram and the railway repeats the river serpentine.

Park Shyrkovets

You will have a unique chance to visit the hydrological natural sanctuary – the national park “Shyrkovets”.

Dziurkach Spring

How about the cleanest water in the Carpathian Mountains? You can taste it from the mountain Dziurkach Spring.

Naftusia Spring

Have you ever tasted the healing mineral water? You can do this at Naftusia Spring.

The unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!

If you travel during the warm season, you will have a perfect chance to swim in the Mizunka Waterfall cascade. On the place of the first salinas of the early eleventh century, you will see a symbolic chapel, and at Myndunok Stop you will have a chance to see the old manufacturing premises and the forest houses.

You can choose a different route of the Carpathian Tram

Hiking to the tops

The trip can be combined with the several-day trekking up to Menchul Peak (1450 m), Yaika-Ilemske (1679 m), the routes of the liberation struggle to Vyshkivskyi Mountain Pass (930 m) to Lysa Mountain.

General excursion

f you want to order a whole excursion program, you’re welcome. You will visit the Dovbush Rocks Reserve, the lake Synevyr, Hoshiv Monastery on Yasna Mountain, and Boikivshchyna Museum in the town of Dolyna.


We can arrange the visit to Hoshiv Monastery known for its wonder-working icon of the Holy Mother of God on top of Yasna Mountain.

Want to arrange a wedding or some other holiday with us?

It will be a pleasure to share such a special day with you. Some wonderful adventures will be in store for you!

Gain strength!

Before the trip, we offer to visit a cafe and enjoy your dinner of the local dishes.

Excursion Carpathian tram.

11:00 am and 3:00 pm – Excursion by the Carpathian Tram. Vyhoda – Dubovyi Kut accompanied by a tour guide.

Stops on the route and the places of interest that will be visited:

1. Travel from Shyrkovets Hanging Bog to Novyi Mizun stop.

2. Visiting Horianka Mineral Water spring

3. Travel and stop at Dubovyi Kut Mountain Area and maneuvers

4. Return by the Carpathian Tram to Mizunka Waterfalls Cascade

5. Travel to Dziurkach Source stop

6. Travel to the Sanatorium stop in Novyi Mizun

7. Return to Vyhoda

The travel from Ivano-Frankivsk to Vyhoda by bus will take two hours. The departure from the bus station is at 8:30 am.

The first top is a monument to Ivan Franko. You will learn of the places where the traces of the Great Kameniar can be found in the Carpathian Mountains. We take some photos and go to the center. We will be met by Troyisti Muzyky Musical Band. A lively Hutsulochka Dance will excite you from the first accords.

The Carpathian Tram is here. Foreign tourists usually choose the covered coaches. Almost all Ukrainian tourists pick up the open platform and they don’t care about the rain.The railway meanders along the bank of Mizunka River, jumps from one bank to another.

The next stop is Shyrkovets Mountain Area. The tram crosses four bridges (the total number of bridges on the route is over thirty).

For you to taste the healing water, we will go to Horianka Well. The mineral water springs of Naftusia in Novyi Mizun will be encountered every 200 meters. A powerful water spray gushes out of the pipe built into the rock on the river bank.For those wishing to taste something stronger, a table instantly appears where you will find everything necessary for relaxation.

No one goes out at Mizunka Waterfalls. The smiths’ festival goes on – the brave guys dance Hopak on the platform. We arrive to the Dubovyi Kut stop. Then we ascend to the mountain glen and have an excursion to the air bridges. 30 minutes of a stop.

We passed only thirteen of thirty kilometers of the route. What comes next is far more interesting …

How to get to Vyhoda ?


From Lviv to Vyhoda: 125km. Busses to Khust depart from the main railway station. Travel time is 3 hours or by bus from Stryi departing at 9:20 am.


From Ivano-Frankivsk to Vyhoda 75 km. The minibus goes from Dolyna center (departure at 9:25 am).